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How To Get Your NBT Test Results In 2023… Are you looking for a way to get your National Benchmark Tests Project (NBTs) Test Results? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information on how to get your National Benchmark Tests Project (NBTs) Test Results.

What Is The Purpose Of This Test For Universities?

The NBT tests gauge the students’ literacy in academics, general knowledge, and skills in mathematics. All this is an effort to get to know the learners’ readiness for higher education. It is also crucial since the benchmark levels complement the National Senior Certificate results.

National Benchmark Test Project

The National Benchmark Tests Project (NBTs) was established in 2005 by the Higher Education South Africa (HESA). NBTs aimed at supplementing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) results by providing criterion-referenced information. It is also designed to effectively meet the educational needs of the students who would be joining them. The project has four main objectives, which it has followed from the time it was started:

  • The assessment of entry-level academic and quantitative literacy and mathematics proficiency of students;
  • The evaluation of the relationship between higher education entry-level proficiencies and school-level exit outcomes;
  • The provision of a service to HE institutions that requires additional information in assisting in the placement of students in appropriate curricular routes:
  • The assistance of curriculum development, particularly concerning foundation courses.

The NBTs tests are categorized into two: the academic & quantitative literacy test and the mathematics test. It takes 3 hours to pass each of them.

Preparation For NBT Tests

The project does not give NBT past papers. However, some organizations claim they offer preparation for the tests. These organizations are not in any way liked to NBTs Project. The test does an overall examination of the applicant’s knowledge of the information he or she was taught throughout schooling.

How Do You Get The NBT Test Results?

The results take three weeks from the writing session day to be released to the institutions. Therefore, you will not need to send your results to the institutions you applied to or listed. The results are uploaded to the NBTs account, by noon, after the session of writing. If you would like to retake the tests, you have a minimum of 6 weeks between the sessions of writing to prepare.

To Get Your Results:
  • Click on
  • Scroll to applicants, then to “NBT Results” then click on “Access your results”
  • It will open a new page where you need to click on “Get my NBT results”
  • On the new page enter your username which is your ID or passport number
  • Enter the password you created when you registered
  • Then click on “Log In”

Your results should be available by noon on the date given on the NBT test schedule. The staff of NBTs is not permitted to release the results over email; you can only use the NBT test login to access them. There is no NBT pass mark. The individual institutions use the levels of benchmark and other information that may be available in their assessment.

If you did not get your results or cannot access them, you may be having an outstanding balance. You will need to clear the balance first for you to get the results.

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