How To Become A Cameraman In South Africa & Subjects Needed

Are you looking for a way to become a Cameraman in South Africa and you don’t know the subjects needed or even universities in South Africa where you can undergo the course? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about how to become a Cameraman in South Africa, Universities and Subjects Needed.

What Does A Camera Operator Do?

Cameramen or camera operators set up, position and operate equipment in studios or on location to photograph or record moving images of people, events and stories. They operate film, videotape or digital video cameras to capture whichever material is appropriate.

Often camera operators will edit material themselves. Events range from studio programmes, television series, motion pictures, music videos, or news and sports events. A camera operator may also shoot a private event using film or videotape.

Camera operators may perform the following tasks:

  • Select, set up and position camera equipment
  • Plan and rehearse shots
  • Follow a camera script and take cues from the director or client
  • Choose the most suitable lenses and camera angles
  • Check that lighting has been organised or set up lights
  • Move cameras and adjust controls to follow the action of scenes being photographed
  • Consult with other technical workers such as light or sound technicians
  • Supervise assistants during the production phase.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

Employers will be more interested in technical skills and practical experience than formal qualifications. In practice, many camera operators take a relevant college or university course to develop the necessary skills before looking for work.

As well gaining technical skills, building practical experience, and making contacts in the industry are also important. Usually, candidates start out in the field as camera trainees or assistants and learn on the job from experienced camera operators. Keeping up to date with new equipment and technology is imperative.

What Subjects Do I Need?

Contact each institution for their specific requirements, but these subjects are recommended:

  • Design
  • Visual Arts

Where Can I Study?

University of Johannesburg

  • Bachelor of Arts: Audiovisual Production Management

Durban University of Technology

University of Cape Town

Boston Media House

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