Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In USA 2024

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The United States is one of those “green lands” everybody wishes to go to, just like Oz, it seems there’s a powerful wizard working wonders over there that makes the land green as one Nigerian singer once sang. It is not true that America has lots of job opportunities and has a form of circus where investors and competitors converge. It’s a land of countless opportunities, that’s what my best friend thinks.

Apart from securing a good job and living in a nice place, most people are not infatuated with a nice house and good job life, they want more. So most people migrate to the US for lots of reasons. Let me explain a few reasons people love to migrate to the US;

1. Educations

It’s not an adage that education in the United States is not only theoretically standardized but equally practically evaluated with principles to back them up.

Most folks would rather sell up their fortune to have their kids study in the States because they trust the quality of education their kids will receive and that’s not a joke.

2. Employment Opportunities

Yeah, you know what Nigerians call America?? God’s own country. That’s where it all happens. The land of endless opportunities and it really is. I’ve seen and heard of folks who left their homes and countries for greener pastures in America and who made it after a while. So, yes, this is one of the many reasons people move to America.

3. Meet People And Learn New Things

You could meet people in your hometown and equally learn new skills but in America, it is usually like all nerds conversion, where every skilled person in each field just bond up and bomb! Create an invention that never was. I heard of a team of tech guy geniuses who merged up in America and made history. Learning new skills and creating a strong network with geniuses might be your one reason for moving and it is fine.

4. Technological Advancement

It is not new that technology in America is advanced and has more of the world-class technological devices in the world. This makes life much easier and safer and most people would move for the comfort than for any other reasons.

5. Jobs With Good Pay

This brings us to the purpose of this article. America has a record for providing jobs with ridiculously good pay and it is not a tale. There are great jobs in the US that offer amazing pay and I will be listing them below;

Highest Paying Jobs In The United States Of America

1. Cardiologist

An average Cardiologist in America earns $351,827 per year. Fat sum huh? Cardiologists actually play the roles of heart care and diagnosis. They play a huge role in caring for the cardiovascular system which according to reports is one of the highest health risks faced by man.

2. Anesthesiologist

The national average salary of an Anesthesiologist is $326,296. An anesthesiologist administers anesthesia for surgery or other medical procedures and offers medicines that make patients numb to pain during surgery. Most countries do not juxtapose these professions but in America, every course is actually profitable.

3. Orthodontist

With an annual salary of $264,850 per year, services Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis, prevention, and correction of the teeth and jaws. Most Orthodontists are also involved in Dentofacial Orthopedics which takes care of facial growth and diagnosis.

4. Psychiatrist

They deal with the treatment of patients’ ill mental states. Psychiatrists are in high demand in America and are offered a National average salary of $224,577 per year.

5. Surgeons

Deal with the dissection and surgery of patients. They are one of the highest paid in the world considering how long they have to study to be experts in their field. An average Surgeon receives $216,248 per year.

6. Periodontist

The national average salary of a Periodontist is $214,896 per year. Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with the treatment of diseases of soft and hard tissues around the teeth.

7. Physician

They play a huge role in the health sector, they care for patients, treat minor cuts, deal with patients’ mental health, and play other caregiver roles so yes, they deserve more than the annual $202,387 they receive per year.

8. Dentist

Dentistry studies the human teeth, diagnoses and treats issues related to the teeth, gum, and the regions around it. The annual salary of a Dentist is $196,417 per year.

9. Internal Medicine Physician

My friend works as an Internal medicine physician and it’s a cool job. Internal medicine Physicians are specialists who use scientific and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat patients across the spectrum from minor cases to complex illnesses. Their annual salary is $194,938 per year.

10. Obstetrician

They are concerned with the reproductive health of women. Their annual salary is $191,931 per year.

11. Nurse Anesthetist

Nurses like anesthesiologists take care of patients during surgery, administer pain relief medicine, and offer medical assistance to doctors. They receive an annual salary of $185,856 per year.

12. Pediatrician

The National average salary of a Pediatrician is $180,202 per year. They take care of children’s health and offer medical counsel to kids and adolescents.

13. General Practitioner

Is a specialist that treats acute and chronic health issues. They offer medical aid to patients in hospitals and other medical facilities. $170,283 per year is their annual income.

14. Enterprise Architecture Manager

In an enterprise, an Architect manager improves software and hardware that enhances faster work. $168,762 per year is their annual salary in the US.

15. Quantitative Analyst

A quantitative analyst (quant) is a specialist who uses mathematical and statistical knowledge to solve financial and risk management problems. Their annual salary in the US is $153,539 per year.

Giving it a thought? There are tons of jobs that are not listed here. You could check up for more.

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