11 Highest Paying Jobs for Bachelor of Science Degree in 2023

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A Bachelor of Science degree offers a broad range of job opportunities for graduates because there are tons of things to learn sticking around as a science major but you wouldn’t know except if you scroll down.

If you’re hoping to gain a BSC then it’s not a bad choice, it’s actually one of those best decisions you’re making in your life, believe me.

Highest Paying Jobs For A Bachelor Of Science Degree

1. Neurologist

A neurologist is a medical expert that specializes in the brain and nervous system, identifying, treating, and managing disorders in the neurons and brain. They earn an average salary of $141,915 per year.

2. Biostatistician

A Biostatistician applies the knowledge of statistics to biological and medical research. They analyze data collected during medical research and make scientific conclusions based on the observation of data and statistics.

3. Medical Research Scientist

A Medical research scientist deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases using epidemiological findings; they conduct research and carry out clinical trials to ascertain the effectiveness of a drug. Their annual salary is a whooping $111,691 per year

4. Pharmacist

In some countries, Pharmacist receives more salary than medical doctors and nurses. These professionals are responsible for providing prescribed and non-prescribed drugs to patients because they are highly knowledgeable about contraindications and so develop drugs and management plans for patients. A Pharmacist earns $106,600 per year.

5. Geophysicist

A Geologist studies the earth and its magnetic, gravitational, and electrical properties, with this knowledge, they offer solutions to environmental and global issues. They earn $105,153 per year.

6. Medical Scientist

Medical scientists are research specialists who investigate disease and preventive methods in the laboratory, some even write journals about their experiments to further help the planet. Their annual salary is $98,529 per year.

7. Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineers deal with the designs and study of aircraft which are used in the air to convey passengers and cargo. Basically, they deal with airplanes, helicopters, and military aircraft systems. They may equally work on satellites or robots in use in the outer realms of the earth’s thermosphere. They earn $102,255 per year.

8. Biomedical Engineer

They are scientists who create biomedical apparatus and equipment, some design artificial organs and body parts while others work in the laboratory conducting research and interpreting bioelectric data. Their salary ranges from $86,214 and above per year.

9. Molecular Biologist

Molecular biologists have in-depth knowledge of the function candidates and cellular mechanics of life, thus, they conduct research to analyze matters at the most cellular and molecular levels. They receive $81,353 as their annual salary.

10. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers use the principles of chemistry to solve global problems. They work with raw materials, converting them into finished products. They earn $65,976 per year.

11. Microbiologist

A microbiologist is a scientist who studies the existence of microorganisms and how they interact with their environment. They work in laboratories making conducting research and identifying means to control diseases. Microbiologist in most countries earns more than $63,591 yearly.

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