What Is Google Local Guide, Its Benefits And Rewards

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You know when you Google places, maybe you’re new to the environment and you wish to know some bits about the place then some information and sometimes images flips over on Google? Well, this happens thanks to a community of explorers called Google Local guides who share reviews, pictures and information about certain places on Google separate from regular travel bloggers.

Google Local Guides make it easy for travelers to find their way in a large world with no place to go. From checking the distance between the petrol pump to the nearest restaurant or hospital or mall, Google maps come in handy, thanks to the dedication of these volunteers all over the world.

How To Be A Google Local Guide

Good thing anybody can be, so how do you apply?

All you need is a Google account. Simply sign in on the Google website using your Google account, select your city, accept the terms and conditions and click on Become a Local Guide.

You get points for every contribution you make on Google Maps and since it’s like a game, you’ll need to begin from level 1. There are a total of 10 levels to reach which include rewards and badges too.

  • Add a new place and get 15 points
  • A video will get you 7 points while a picture gets you 5 points.
  • A review on an existing place on Google will fetch you 5 points.
  • Editing a place will equally fetch you 5 points.
  • Answer a question about a place and get 1 point.
  • Give a star rating to a place and get 1 point.

Pictures and videos that offer precise information about a place can be uploaded on Google maps. Good thing you don’t need approval to add any of those but you will need approval from Google if you are adding a new place to the maps. If the GPS on your mobile device is turned on, you will see all the places you’ve been to, on your dashboard. Sync your Google accounts on all your devices and you can upload the content from anywhere.

Once published, your pictures, videos, and reviews can be viewed by anyone and can also get displayed on every product and service that is attributed to Google like Google Maps, Google Search, Google Earth, and Street View but be sure all your content complies with Google Maps’ user-generated content policy.

Rewards And Benefits

As a traveler who loves to share their travel stories and experience, you could sign up to the large still community ever, there may be no monetary benefits but you’ll sure get some perks like a badge that helps you reach out to a wider audience on every level you unlock.

You could also receive early access from Google to some of its new products and services as reward and if you get lucky, you might get to attend a fully paid summit and get to meet some of its top guides from across the world.

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