10 Best Creative Sourcing Techniques for Recruitment In 2022/2023

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Face it, hiring the right applicants for a job position is hard. It’s been this way right from time past, it isn’t just beginning now, so take it easy on yourself. Most job seekers are keen on the kind of jobs they seem so they won’t just accept the trash tossed at them.

You wouldn’t want to hire an incompetent fella either, would you? And you know how hard it is now to hire the best of the best in a market system where every company is offering employment opportunities with sumptuous benefits to the public.

I know what you may be cooking up in your mind right now, why do I need the best of best when I could employ any competent applicant and get the recruitment process down with? The answer is you need the best of best for the brilliant idea, trendy bait that can fetch you the clients you need and the money to lift your company.

Creative Sourcing Techniques for Recruitment

I’ll share with you ten authentic creative sourcing techniques for recruitment, just scroll down

1. What’s Your Definition Of Recruiters And Sourcers?

Recruiters help a company choose the most qualified candidate for the position while sourcers search for and qualify new applicants.

You could have the two work hand in hand if you have a large team but if you do not, you could have your recruiters divide themselves into this pair to secure the perfect or near perfect applicants for your company.

2. Perfect Your Sourcing Strategy

This is the beginning of the whole process. This determines if you’ll hire the right applicants or find yourself trapped by your own decisions.

What’s your strategy like? How do you intend to go about it? What medium would be perfect for this scout? Friends and colleagues could help you do the honors but be careful so you don’t bring emotion into the selection process.

3. What’s The Job Description?

List 2 can only happen if you understand the position you are in need of a brain for, the features and skills you look forward to in a prospective candidate and the qualities aside their competency in this field. No matter how good an employee is, if you always need to squint at the sight of them, you’ll soon find yourself an employee instead of a boss.

How do you do this? You could begin with former applicants, those who couldn’t meet up in the last screening, give them an opportunity; they may have doubled their game.

4. Begin The Search

It’s not some sort of treasure hunt, but it is, in a way. You know what you want, and can spot it when you find it. However the problem is how do you attract the right applicants? There are ways. List 5 to 8 explains this.

5. Maximize Social Media

Facebook is a perfect example of free advertises platforms where you need to pay five to nothing to make your voices known. Make your intentions known on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. Good thing these platforms are free so you have no excuse.

6. Use LinkedIn

This is one of the platforms that job seekers trust for authentic job offer and employment. All you need to do is create a LinkedIn account using your company’s or brand name. Perspective candidates will apply while you and your team choose the very best or the candidate that best suits the offer.

7. There’s Telegram

Here’s another platform with millions of users where you could connect with. This community of users can best help spread the news but be sure to make the scout fun with catchy captions and slogans.

8. Use Podcast/YouTube

Podcast is an audio version of vlogging. Streams of people can listen in and get to know your intentions on Podcast while YouTube presents the video version, displaying your idea and intention with images.

9. Include Salary Range

This is the main catch believe me. No one’s going to work for you on charity, understand that and make this look appealing. The more appealing it sounds, it faster your chances of getting the “right” candidate.

10. Add Benefits

Aside salary and tips, employees love it when they get to enjoy some form of benefits. Even benefits like a cup of coffee and snacks after work is a huge liberation no matter how little it seems.

Travel benefits, awards, and some sort of privileges will be most appreciated and might fast track your chances of finding the right candidate.

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