Car Emblems & Meanings 2021 | See What Your Own Car Emblem Means

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Are you a car owner and you are wondering what your own car emblem means? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about car emblems and their meanings.

Car emblems, just like smiles, help create the perfect first impression. Therefore, before stepping out to get your next car or admire a luxurious vehicle, it is important to understand the different car emblems and their meanings.

Car Emblems & Meanings

When was the last time you thought about the meaning of your car logo? Below are 20 popular car emblems you should know, their surprising meanings, and how they were derived.

1. Toyota

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Arguably, Toyota is one of the most popular car brands in the world. This is not only so; its car emblem, though simple, holds lots of deeper meaning to it.

Redesigned in 1989 to commemorate its 50th anniversary, the current Toyota emblem comprises an outer large ellipse-shaped and two inner interlocking circles.

This emblem signifies the sole purposes of the manufacturer i.e. its deep commitment to addressing its customer’s interest, the limitless opportunities it offers, and the company’s commitment towards technology and product advancement. For keen observers, this emblem also spells its brand’s name out. Toyota!

2. Nissan

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Abbreviated from Nihon Sangyo, its manufacturing company, Nissan is another competitive car manufacturer in the industry. However, its emblem confirms very little about this.

With a simplistic circular and an engraved Nissan at the middle, this emblem will pass as ordinary. This updated emblem speaks to the company’s slogan, “Innovation that excites” with the radiant silver shades giving the logo the modern and stylish look.

3. Subaru

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Synonymous for speed, Subaru is most certainly a global success when it comes to car engineering. Its name Subaru means “coming together” in the Japanese dialect. The car emblem comprises six stars enclosed in an oval shape. This car logo communicates a great sense of unity and coming together.

4. Mercedes-Benz

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Whenever you come across a Mercedes-Benz the one thing that strikes you first is its classy feel. After its merge in 1926, Mercedes-Benz adopted the three star-shaped car emblems. Besides its aesthetic value, this logo symbolizes the car’s dominance in three fields; land, water and air.

5. BMW

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BMW is an example of a car logo with circles. Many theories have tried to explain the circular with white and blue colours of the BMW, but the simple fact is that the colours of the logo represent the Bavarian flag.

6. Audi

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Audi is characteristically identified by the four circular rings at the front view of the vehicle. At the start of the 20th century, Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer merged into one. The four interlocking circular 3-D and nicely polished logo symbolize the modern sophistication and power Audi commands in the market.

7. Peugeot

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The Peugeot car symbol is that of a lion disguised as walking on two legs. Through the simplistic eye, this logo symbolizes authority and power. An interesting fact about the Peugeot car logo is that its existence was way before the existence of the car.

8. Mitsubishi

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The Mitsubishi is, without a doubt, one of the coolest car logos on this list. Designed from a three-leaf-clover, a Japanese plant considered for its lucky charms, the Mitsubishi car emblem is considered to bring good luck. Therefore, if you are looking for your lucky charm, you just know where to turn.

9. Volkswagen

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With an emblem derived from the vehicle’s name, Volkswagen is for sure a people’s vehicle. The car logo is simplistic, but oozes class. Its VW logo also brings out a sense of assertiveness, thanks to its bold design.

10. Volvo

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For a long time, the Volvo brand has been associated with strength, durability and the male gender. Though the Volvo logo has changed to a circular shape with the name Volvo in it, at its initial stages, the symbol had a steel symbol across it, signifying the male gender. With its changed emblem, the automobile emblem signifies reliability, strength and wisdom.

11. Chevrolet

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While most car logo meanings signify something about the vehicle, little can be said about the Chevrolet logo. The bow-tie design with the Chevrolet name accompanying it has no meaning other than its uniqueness and aesthetics value.

12. Ford

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Henry Ford’s car is synonymous with the oval shape and the Ford name engraved on its logo. Though simplistic, the logo carries the value of the automobile throughout generations. Its blue colour embedded in the inner of the logo signifies the reliability of the brand, whereas the white colour symbolizes the caring, friendly and longevity of the brand.

13. Lexus

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A simple L shaped logo does it for the Lexus automobile. Though simplistic in nature the chrome furnished emblem oozes class that is evidenced on the vehicle model itself.

14. Mazda

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When it comes to stylish and car logos with wings, the list would not be complete without mentioning of the Mazda brand. Currently, the Mazda logo is a styled – M alphabet with flying like wings for arms.

This would pass only as stylish from a layman view, but the logo depicts the brand’s constant pursuit of excellence towards its future.

15. Suzuki

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Suzuki in this list of car emblems has the most alluring and authoritative logo. The S-shaped red coloured logo is iconic and bold, bringing out the strength of the manufacturer’s brand and passion when it comes to manufacturing quality vehicles.

16. Hyundai

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This is one of the straightforward logos that carry lots of meaning. The Hyundai car logo is an italic H on face value. However, beyond the surface is a symbolic picture of two individual shaking hands.

The two hands symbolize a satisfied customer exchanging hands with the company’s agent depicting satisfaction and trust between the two.

17. Aston Martin

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Aston Martin is popularly associated with James bond. The posh car has a wings badge for its emblem. The emblem depicts the vehicle’s speed.

18. Jaguar

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For a logo of a jumping Jaguar, a lot can be said about the Jaguar automobile. The jumping Jaguar expensive car logos embody the brand’s royalty, performance, elegance, strength, resilience, and power.

19. Tesla

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A simple T shape car emblem would do for the electric car that will soon revolutionize the automotive industry. The logo, though straightforward, is unique and has an extended shape creating a deep and powerful persona for the newly launched vehicles.

There are many emerging theories about the deeper surprising meaning, with some people equating the logo to a uterus signifying the birth of greater thighs.

20. Lamborghini

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For a car emblem, a snorting bull tells much about the strength and performance of a vehicle. Lamborghini, the founder of the famous luxury vehicles, found his zodiac sign fit as the logo of his brand of cars too. The car logo communicates the strength and capabilities of the Lamborghini vividly.

The above extensive car logos list should get you started on your quest to understand your vehicle better. Always remember, like names, car emblems carry the deep history of vehicles and not just their aesthetic value.

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