10 Best Jobs for Bachelor of Arts Degree In 2022

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Contrary to what people assume about a Bachelor of Arts degree, there are vast opportunities for BA graduates. The idea that there aren’t job openings for these sets of graduates is a lame telltale, a fable intended to sway you from your goal and passion.

I heard those kinds of stories before applying to college and I must say, I nearly flinched. I mean who’s that person who wouldn’t need a job after college? Certainly not me. In the long run, I made friends and I realized passion pays more than just going to school with the aim of getting a job “white collar job” what would you say about us who work remote jobs but earn as much as those who go to work every day plus we even have enough time to attend to other problems.

I guess all am trying to say is, if this is your passion, what you’d love to wake up to every day, then don’t quit because I might have a little something before you. Below is a list of jobs available for a BA grad.

1. Research Officer

Research Officers are the anchor for civil servants, information analysis, and implementation. Your area of interest would range from sociology to economy and you may be entitled to work closely with Policy advisers contacting community heads and members or other renowned professionals to gain insight on topics relating to Government interest.

2. Journalist

Working as a journalist es mi favórito. As a person who loves to read, meet new people, and pretend am so kind of undercover journalist offering solutions to the media, it feels glorious. You might consider giving it a thought that is if you are keen on writing and broadening your knowledge of some issues that may not be your usual day-to-day topic.

You’ll be writing on contemporary topics affecting society, current affairs, politics, business, health, or education. You might even get the chance to travel to other places and widen your horizon; this and more awaits a BA grad.

You could get employed in several media houses but you’ll need a level of knowledge and familiarization with the media including TikTok and you’ll need to be cast in communications, writing, social media, or something similar if this is your passion.

3. Government Administrator

Government Administrators are responsible for overseeing government administrative works in the local, state, or national sectors. Their roles include paying attention to details on the electorate, funding, and bill statutes to avoid discrepancies.

To work as a Government Administrator, you’ll need in-depth knowledge of the governmental operations of the country in order to work more efficiently.

4. Gallery Assistant

A gallery assistant assists in tackling logistics, gallery keeping, hanging works, and planning event rendezvous. You may have to act sometime as a receptionist, attending to phone calls and general enquiry.

You’ll need a vast knowledge of history, literature and of course a good communication skill, it might interest you to know that this is one of those jobs you’ll actually have a great deal of fun doing.

5. Editor

The editor is as important as the judge, no case is concluded without your opinion. Editors usually have the roles of editing, revising materials, and checking grammar, syntax, and general layout to foster the readability of the text.

Editors must have a good knowledge of history, literature and a good command of English or the language employed and as an editor, you might love to work in fields like journalism, literature, or marketing. Whichever, it’s fun.

6. Book Publicist

If you’re a bookworm, then this is for you. Book publicists take care of editing, marketing, setting the agenda for publication, online presence, and book tours. They’re like superstars but then book stars who deal with communication techniques for writers and clients. Book publicists work with authors on the concluding parts of the oil and help their books out to readers.

7. Librarian

Dump the conventional you did have about librarians, they’re more than that. Aside from bookkeeping in a dusty library, librarians work as instructors or educators in community programs educating people on sociological, historical, cultural, and literary matters.

Having a BA in Linguistics, Literature, English or history sets the pace for this kind of job opportunity. Librarians are also responsible for organizing and arranging books in state libraries, school libraries, and national libraries.

8. Gallery Program Developer

Gallery Program Developers develop and implement and manage programs in an art gallery. If you’re passionate about photography, performance, or visual arts then you could help curate exhibitions in a gallery.

9. University Lecturer OR Tutor

If your dream has always been to a lecture at a university then this might be your one chance. This is a job that not only gives you the privilege to learn but equally bids you time to make extra cash from other engagements.

While university lecturers lecture during school time, university tutors get the chance to do their thing after school time to direct students, give feedback and help solve some really difficult sums for them for extra cash.

10 Sociologist

Sociologists can work as experts in different groups in the society, examining the influence of religion, education, and the socio-economic state of a place on the behaviour of individuals in that place.

Some sociologists work as experts in documentaries, some work as researchers, making discoveries for the government and for private bodies, playing advisory roles, and helping in the implementation of policies.

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