Best Business Courses In Kenya 2022 And Institutions Offering Them

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Are you looking for the best business courses in Kenya and the institution offering them? If yes, then this informative article is for you. When you make a decision to do a business course in Kenya, there is a need to do an in-depth study to determine the best ones. You may be surprised to learn that the most sought after business courses are not the best and the best may have few graduates.

To determine the course you want to pursue, you must consider a number of things. Most of the business courses are actually influenced by expected salary, available job market, peer pressure, influence from people close to you as well as their capability.

Kenya alone has more than forty universities and colleges. Some are privately owned while others are government and Christian sponsored. There are colleges and universities in the country that specialize in teaching business education alone.

Companies in Kenya always tend to favour some universities when choosing candidates when conducting job interviews. For you to be sure that your career path will be straight after graduating, do research on the history of the college you aspire to join as well as the expectations of the employers.

With the current huge competition in the business sector, you must prefer a course that will put you at an advantage over the rest of the graduates. Making a perfect choice guarantees you a successful future in the business field. Pursue a course that can transform your establishment.

These courses give you guidance and training on how to run various business activities and prepare you to be a successful business person. Many students after completing their form four exam prefer diploma business courses in Kenya available in different institutions. The demand for these particular courses has increased rapidly because they offer stability and great career options that can be of help in life.

Best Universities To Study Business In Kenya

Below are some of the universities offering the best business courses in Kenya:

1. Strathmore University

It is one of the best business universities in Kenya. Anyone graduating from this academic institution is always lucky when it comes to securing a job. Employers know that the school offers the best training and they, therefore, give the graduates first priority. Since its commencement in 1961, the school has proved to be the best in the country. It has even been ranked position 44 in Africa by The Times Higher Education World University in 2017. It is known for producing the best accountants and finance graduates.

2. The University of Nairobi

UoN has always set standards in the employment industry of Kenya. The academic institution offers a four-year degree in business courses whose admission varies according to the joint admission board. It also has the best MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Kenya. The masters give progressive training in employment relations, public relations, database systems, and many more courses.

3. KCA University

This is a privately owned academic institution that has grown tremendously to become one of the leading institutions in Kenya. It also offers world-class training to its students. Do not be surprised that it ranks higher than other famous universities.

KCA (Kenya College of Accountancy) initiated ICPAK (Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya) which is a body with which every CPA(Certified Public Accountant), CS as well as CIFA (Certified Investment and Financial Analysts) finalist associates in order to be recognized as a professional. The majority of the employers favour Bachelor of Commerce students from KCA because of the kind of training they get.

4. Kenyatta University

The varsity has a four-year business administration course. In this university, you get equipped with all the practical skills necessary for countering both policy and administration challenges.

5. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

It is famous for producing the best IT (Information Technology) and engineering students. However, it is also the best academic institution in the business schools. Being a government university, it receives a lot of goodwill from potential employers.

6. Technical University of Mombasa

Courses such as business administration are offered under an independent department of Business Administration. This is done in order to produce creative offerings that give the knowledge, attitudes, and skills for students to become professionals. Areas of specialization include marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and strategic management.

7. Maseno University

The academic institution trains business administration discipline at the School of Business and Economics. It is a four-year course which allows you to specialize when in the third and fourth year. For you to be enrolled for this course, you must have scored a C+ with a C plain in Mathematics; or a C plain plus a diploma from the same university or any other recognized university. Applicants having CPA II are also qualified for a credit transfer of one year.

Business Courses In Kenya

Below is a list of the most marketable business disciplines in Kenya and where they are offered.

1. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics – The University of Nairobi

This course literally gives BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) students a run for their money. It combines statistics aspects into a business which is important in making an analysis of the long-term trends and data that is complex. If you have the zeal to indulge in the stock market, companies that sell insurance and financial institutions as an analyst, this is the best course to pursue. The best university to get training from is the University of Nairobi.

Requirements for Admission
  • You must satisfy the basic admission requirements for UoN.
  • Obtain a minimum of grade C+ in mathematics.
  • In case the requirements are not easily obtained, you are required to pass an examination given before being admitted into the program.

2. Bachelor of Commerce – Strathmore and University of Nairobi

This course will never stop being popular even if there are more graduates than the available job opportunities. Strathmore and UoN are the only universities that produce remarkable graduates in this course. The good news about BCom is that you can choose from more than five areas including finance, insurance, accounting, human resource, procurement, and marketing.

One is however required to register or train with a professional body to supplement this course. The professional disciplines include CPA, CIFA, ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), Chartered Institute of Marketing, and Certified Fraud Examiners.

3. Financial Engineering – JKUAT

JKUAT is the only academic institution offering financial engineering course in Kenya. This particular course is most suitable for people with good analytical skills. Consider financial engineering if you passed well in Mathematics. You, however, need to be careful not to end up jobless after graduating. Consider pursuing a professional course such as CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

4. Bachelor of Business Information Technology – Strathmore University

BBIT (Bachelor of Business Information Technology) brings together Information Technology features into business to fully prepare students for the job market. Pursuing this course at Strathmore exposes you to various professional courses such as CPA, CFA, and ACCA which can be completed after a short period of time.

5. Bachelor of Business Administration – Maseno University

This course is very similar to the Bachelor of Commerce and is offered at Maseno University. Chances of being unemployed with a Bachelor of Business Administration are really low.

One of the core reasons to select a good college that is career-oriented and goal-focused is that they offer great opportunities to every student. This provision acts as a gateway to a prosperous life. Furthermore, business courses in Kenyan universities enable students to get a broad understanding.

These colleges and universities put a lot of emphasis on real applications as well as a theory by use of case studies and real-life experiences. It is therefore important to search for the best-certified universities in Kenya.

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