Bamba TV Registration Guide 2021: Channels, Costs And More

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Bamba TV Registration 2021… Are you looking for a way to register for Bamba TV? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about Bamba TV Registration, Channels, Costs, And More.

Bamba TV was launched in Kenya on 22nd December 2014 by Lancia Digital Broadcast Limited, a branch of Radio Africa Group. Bamba TV is one of the free-to-air decoders in Kenya today. Through Bamba TV registration, you’ll join the list of clients who enjoy viewership of exclusive content and the available free-to-air channels.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the free-to-air decoders in Kenya. It turns out to be a darling to many Kenyans since it offers free-to-air channels in Kenya and the viewers have a wide variety to choose from.

The Bamba decoder has the upper hand in the market because of its free-to-air channels which are paid for on other digital platforms. Furthermore, registration can be done from the comfort of your home since you are only required to send the details through your phone.

If you have a Bamba TV decoder, you are privileged to watch over 50 local and international channels. Bamba TV signals are available in the country, and this is impressive because Kenyans continue to enjoy quality TV programs at no extra cost.

Bamba channels offer access to news, entertainment, documentary, and sports. Bamba TV decoders have with them ADN channels in Kenya because they are free to air channels.

There are areas in Kenya where the Bamba TV signal is stronger than in other regions. In case of a poor signal, the use of a high-gain OHF aerial is important for you to access the channels. To ensure you have a good signal, you must ensure your antenna is in a proper condition with good communication from the aerial to the decoder and vice versa.

It’s equally important to point your aerial in the same direction as nearby users of the Bamba TV decoder. The Bamba TV coverage maps will guide you on the location of the closest transmission to position your aerial appropriately.

Registration Procedure For Your Bamba Decoder

Bamba TV registration procedure is simple to enable every client to do so and enjoy premium channels at no cost. The Bamba team encourages registration for Bamba TV within 60 days after purchasing the decoder, a failure to which your Bamba decoder will be deactivated. Initially, the Bamba decoders were not being registered but this changed.

If you fail to register your decoder within the stipulated time, then you will not enjoy viewing most of your favorite channels. A total of 21 channels in Nairobi and 11 countrywide are locked on unregistered Bamba decoders. These channels include Africa Sinema Channel, Justice TV, Classic TV, Recipe TV, Comedy TV, Smile TV, TBN, EWTN, Peace TV, Destination TV, Aljazeera, Cars TV, RT News, DW, NHK, France 24, Freckles, WWX, Men 7 and Estv.

For you to continue watching the fantastic Bamba digital TV channels, you are required to register your decoder within 60 days of purchasing it. You are allowed to view these channels for 60 days after purchasing the Bamba decoder because the Bamba team has usually done the pre-activation of 60 days, after which your Bamba decoder is deactivated.

Bamba TV Kenya encourages all their clients to register their decoders to enjoy the undisrupted viewership of over 50 channels. Bamba TV Kenya registration requires you to send the following details; your full name, ID no, mobile no, location, set up box serial no. and smart card no. to

You can also register your decoder and receive the locked channels by dialing *297#. Bamba TV decoder registration online is not yet possible though when you send the details, the registration will be carried out on your behalf by the Bamba team, and you don’t have to visit their offices physically.

You can also register your decoder and receive the unlocked channels by dialing *297#. If you don’t have a Bamba decoder yet, visit the Nakumatt, Naivas, or any leading electronic outlet near you and purchase yours today. Bamba TV decoder registration online is not yet possible though when you send the details, the registration will be carried out on your behalf by the Bamba team and you don’t have to visit their offices physically.

What Are The Channels On Bamba TV Decoder

There are different types of channels available on the Bamba TV decoder, and they range from international news channels, movie channels, sports channels, lifestyle channels, and cartoons channels.

These are the channels which are locked on unregistered Bamba decoder and digital TV sets;

  • Africa Sinema Channel
  • Justice TV
  • Classic TV
  • Recipe TV
  • Comedy TV
  • Smile TV
  • TBN
  • Peace TV
  • Destination TV
  • Aljazeera TV
  • Cars TV
  • Smile TV
  • TBN
  • NHK
  • France 24
  • Freckles
  • WWX
  • Men X
  • ESTV

These are all the local channels you will access on a registered Bamba decoder;

  • KTN News
  • KTN Home
  • Citizen TV
  • NTV
  • Sayari TV
  • Ebru TV
  • Farmer TV
  • Baite TV
  • HCK TV
  • Baar
  • K24
  • Kass TV
  • Lenale TV
  • Heritage TV
  • WTV
  • Pwani TV
  • Deliverance TV
  • Lolwe TV
  • Inooro TV
  • EATV
  • Bunge TV
  • Njata TV
  • Youth TV
  • KTS TV
  • GBS TV
  • Family TV
  • Hope TV
  • Edu TV
  • Mother&child TV
  • Kingdom TV
  • Revival TV
  • Aviation TV
  • Kiss TV
  • Kass TV
  • Church Channel

These are the international channels you will enjoy viewing after registering your Bamba TV decoder;

  • NHK World
  • Ifilm
  • EWTN
  • Africa Movie Channels
  • Cars TV
  • Nollywood Movies
  • France 24
  • Movie Club
  • Fashion TV
  • Deutsche Welle
  • Peace TV
  • Romanza TV
  • Comedy TV
  • Smile TV
  • Justice TV
  • Recipe TV
  • Events channel
  • RT News
  • Aljazeera TV

There are other channels displayed on Bamba decoder, but they are not available for viewership;

  • ES.TV
  • Fashion Box
  • Cartoon Club
  • Freckle TV
  • Smile of a Child
  • Films on Reels
  • Movie Club
  • Movee4U
  • Nollywood Channel
  • Nollywood Movies
  • France24 TV English
  • God TV
  • MMA Warriors
  • WWWX
  • Docu Box
  • World Fashion Channel
  • Fastnfun Box
  • Madscreen Box
  • 360Tune Box
  • Film Box
  • Film Box Art House
  • Clubbing TV
  • Pets.TV
  • Fight Box
  • Venture Channel
  • World War Channel
  • Channels TV
  • CMTV
  • Launch TV
  • MCBN
  • Channel M1
  • HIP TV
  • Nigezie
  • Ofive
  • OH TV Africa
  • Al Jazeera Arabic
  • Janta TV
  • Dove TV
  • Inspiration TV
  • JCTV
  • Press TV – Arabic/English
  • TBN
  • The Church Channel
  • TVC News.

The Procedure Of Connecting A Bamba Decoder

It is essential to know how to connect the decoder to the TV since it’s the first step of unlocking all your favorite channels on the Bamba TV decoder. The first thing you do is point your aerial to the transmission around you. Then connect your antenna to the cable safely securing it to the decoder. Connect the decoder to your TV using the supplied RCA cable.

The power cable provided is the one to connect to the power outlet. You can now set your TV input to AV and enjoy watching Bamba TV channels. It is advisable to re-scan your Bamba TV decoder once in a while to discover the new channels added.

Searching channels on the Bamba decoder is quite easy. All you have to do is go to ‘settings’, choose ‘channel search’, and click ‘auto search’. If you realize that your picture quality is poor, try seeking the services of a professional for the installation of your decoder.

Costs Incurred On A Bamba TV Decoder

Bamba 215(CA1), Bamba 114(CA), and Bamba 115(CA2) are various Bamba decoders to choose from in the market. It’s great to note that you will only costs you will incur are the buying costs. The one-time fee is ksh3, 600 and from there, all you need is to connect the decoder to your old UHF high gain aerial and enjoy watching your favorite channels. The Bamba TV decoders are available in major supermarkets throughout the country and electronics shops in the major towns.

Bamba TV Decoder Customer Care

The Bamba customer care is available on phone number and other online platforms as follows;

  • Phone No: 0711046046
  • Facebook: Bamba TV Kenya
  • Twitter: Bamba TV Kenya
  • Instagram: BambaTVKenya
  • YouTube Channel: Bamba TV

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